Buxus Varieties Buxus Faulkner, Japonica, Microphylla and English We grow four varieties of Buxus here at Glenleigh, please click the image on the left for further details.


    Conifer Varieties Too many to list them all We grow a wide range of conifers. We offer advice on which variety to use based on your growing conditions, and can provide contract growing as well.


    Gardenia Varieties Traditional Gardenia's with stunning quality Here at Glenleigh we grow 10 varieties of Gardenia. Our plants are grown 'out in the elements' and our ready for any conditions you wish to plant them in.

    General shrubs

    Shrubs and Hedging Plants From Acmena to Syzygium and everything in between. We currently grow a wide range of shrubs and hedging plants.