About Glenleigh

Glenleigh Wholesale Nursery is situated on the Glenleigh Estate, a heritage listed 100 acre site, located in Regentville NSW, just south of Penrith city centre.

At Glenleigh Nursery we have been growing plants since 1970, with an initial focus on conifers Glenleigh has, over the years, expanded to included shrubs and hedging varieties.

Our team of qualified professionals grow half a million plants annually for retail and landscaper businesses. The company has a strong commitment to its customers, staff and plant quality.

Today we offer a range of plants who’s growth habit and quality we have perfected over the years.

Quality Assurance

Glenleigh prides itself on quality; we strive to make continued improvements to the business to ensure we produce plants at an affordable competative price.

  • Shade House

    Our tubes are trimmed and maintained in the shadehouse before they are potted up, reducing outside maintenance and labour. All our murraya tubes are tipped before leaving the shadehouse to promote growth and form a nice bushy habit. We occassionally have an excess of stock from time to time and can sell tubes direct from our shadehouse. Please contact Anneke at the nursery.

  • Propagation

    In propagation we aim to keep the conifer and shrub production separate, they have different ideal growing times and different misting requirements. Once the cuttings have developed roots, the tubes are transfered onto dry beds to promote further root growth and prepare them for tubing. Here at Glenleigh we have three full-time propagation staff, one focuses solely on conifers and the other two on shrubs.

  • The Nursery

    We utilise every last piece of the nursery for plants and leave nothing unmaintained. There are three beds of 140mm pots that we both sell and use for potting up. This is a big space saver for us as many varieties we grow take over 6 months to grow to size from a tube into a 200mm pot. Every other bed is used for the growth of 200mm stock, each Spring we have a batch of 250mm hooped trachelospermum jasminoides, that are very popular, and at Christmas we have available a large number of 200mm Juniperus Spartans, that retailers use as Christmas Tree look alikes!